Banking, Finance & Accounting Training Course-Pack of 13 Webinars

Speaker : Dayna J. Reum, Mike Morley, John G. Salek, George Benaroya, Merle Capello, Carl Young, Chris Doxey, Janette Levey Frisch, Donna K Olheiser

 Duration : 16 Hours

This banking webinar package covers current critical GRC topics in the banking sector, allowing participants to touch important areas in Governance, tax returns, IRS compliance, accounting, metrics, audits, quality reviews, Risk and Compliance.

• IRS updates on Revised Final Form 941 for COVID 19
• Covid 19 Credit Risk Control
• Finance & Accounting 101 Simplified
• Regulation E - Basics and Error Resolution
• Payroll Rules & Administration Made Simple-Proper Classification & Payment of Employees & Contractors
• Are you ready for the Auditor? Secrets You Need to Know to Survive the Audit
• Managing Supplier Risk: Are Your Suppliers Real?
• Dispute Management Best Practice

Number of Webinars Included: 13 Webinars       Total Learning Hours: 16 Hours
Requirements: There are no prerequisites.            Method: Online, anytime, any device

COVID 19: Workplace Challenges, Employment Law and HR Requirements-Pack of 10 Webinars

Speaker : Beverly Beuermann-King, Dayna J. Reum, Ronald Adler, Dr. B. Lynn Ware, Robert P. Verchota, John G. Salek, John M Ryan, Christopher R. Devany

 Duration : 12 Hours

Learn how to manage and minimize COVID-19 in the workplace, elements of a COVID-19 Return-To-Work Procedure, Employment law update, how to create a telecommuting and remote work policy, applicable OSHA regulations to COVID-19 and many more...

• Employee Engagement During Covid-19
• Covid 19 Credit Risk Control
• IRS updates on Revised Final Form 941 for COVID 19
• Protecting Food Delivery Drivers and Consumers During Covid-19
• Measuring Critical Issues in the Wake of the Coronavirus
• Managing Key Issues in Response to the Implications of the Coronavirus

Number of Webinars Included: 10 Webinars       Total Learning Hours: 12 Hours
Requirements: There are no prerequisites.            Method: Online, anytime, any device

Human Resource Management (HRM) Made Simple-Pack of 12 Webinars

Speaker : Christopher R. Devany, Dr. B. Lynn Ware, Ronald Adler, Michael Healey, Rupinder Kaur, David Rohlander, Daniel T. Bloom, Bruce Lee

 Duration : 16 Hours

Human Resource Management plays a vital role in any organization. Viewing it from a high level, this department deals with employee relationships, payroll, hiring, and firing and compliance management.

• 5 Elements of Effective Communication
• What's New in Onboarding
• Reality, Perception and Your Workplace Culture
• Identifying, Managing and Retaining High Potential Employees
• 7 Behaviors of Great Leaders
• How to Build a High-Performance Team in 90 Days

Number of Webinars Included: 12 Webinars       Total Learning Hours: 16 Hours
Requirements: There are no prerequisites.            Method: Online, anytime, any device

Excelling in Excel-Pack of 10 Excel Webinars

Speaker : Cathy Horwitz, Robert P. Verchota, Liam Bastick, Mike Thomas

 Duration : 12 Hours 45 Minutes

Learn about the basic as well as the advanced features of Excel and become a power user. Be it working with large amounts of data or building reports and summaries. This advanced Excel webinar pack helps you become proficient in Excel. And, if you are already a regular user, you can take your knowledge to the next level to become even more efficient and productive with this critically important tool.

• Understanding Vlookup, Hlookup, and other essential features
• Advanced Pivot Tables
• Data visualization using Sparkline charts, Bar charts, Infographic-style charts and more
• Creating Excel dashboards
• Data entry shortcuts

Number of Webinars Included: 10 Webinars       Total Learning Hours: 12 Hours 45 Minutes
Requirements: Basic Excel knowledge                   Method: Online, anytime, any device

Leadership and Management-Pack of 11 Webinars

Speaker : Michael Healey, Dr. B. Lynn Ware, Robert P. Verchota, Christopher R. Devany, John G. Salek, Chris D

 Duration : 13 Hours 50 Minutes

Hone up your managerial skills. Learn how to manage different types of employees and situations in your organization. Prepare yourself and your workforce to meet the challenges confidently, and fine-tune your strategies to ensure that your organization is on the right track.

• Components of emotional intelligence
• Essential skills for effective communication and public presentation
• Dealing with difficult people and challenging situations
• Conflict and stress management in the workplace
• Executive excellence & strategic thinking
• Using LinkedIn as a business tool

Number of Webinars Included: 11 Webinars       Total Learning Hours: 13 Hours 50 Minutes
Requirements: There are no prerequisites.            Method: Online, anytime, any device

Leadership Essentials-Pack of 8 Webinars

Speaker : Beverly Beuermann-King, Michael Healey, Drew Carrick, Christopher R. Devany, Mark Gorkin, Maura Swee

 Duration : 10 Hours 50 Minutes

Be the leader that your organization needs. This online certification program helps you develop and sharpen your leadership skills. Know what it takes to set the direction for your team, build an inspiring vision and guide the team to the correct destination smoothly and efficiently.

• Strategies for time and task management
• Elements of effective communication
• A Step-By-Step Process for Conducting them Meaningfully and Effectively
• Stress management techniques
• SECRETS to Leadership
• Behaviors of Great Leaders

Number of Webinars Included: 8 Webinars    Total Learning Hours: 10 Hours 50 Minutes
Requirements: There are no prerequisites.       Method: Online, anytime, any device