ConcordEducations is a global L&D organization of nearly 10,000 members. Through our global membership, we develop scientifically sound, practical technical information and resources to advance science and regulation for the US regulated industries.

What makes us unique is that our members have access to an abundant sources of information and networking opportunities all in one place at an affordable price. ConcordEducations resources include our unique learning and development facility, subscriptions to ConcordEducations daily newsletters, the ConcordEducations Journal of FDA, BFSI, Accounting & Payroll, Human Resource and high-level scientific meetings and educational opportunities.

Benefits & Services

Looking to learn more about current hot topics in this industry?

ConcordEducations connects you to more technical resources than anywhere else, helping you find solutions to the challenges you face every day.

Member Exclusive Subscriptions

Access to the latest research and news. Members receive exclusive discounts.

  • ConcordEducations Webinar – Global learning platforms that address a wide array of challenging Regulatory & Compliance areas. Members can participate upcoming training within 30 days of publication. After completion of live session, members can receive a Recorded version of the Live Session.

  • Recorded Training – ConcordEducations members have on-demand access to view the complete library of ConcordEducations Technical Reports for free! The TR Portal has more than 40 reports on an array of critical topics including: validation of pharmaceutical filters, sterilization technologies, non-conformities in glass vials, and ampoules, pharmaceutical microbiology, process validation, cold chain, single use, and quality risk management.

  • ConcordEducations Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology – Peer-reviewed Journal that publishes leading scientific research pertaining to pharmaceutical manufacturing, testing and control. Members receive online access to the current volume year and the previous volume year. Archives can be accessed on a pay-per-view and unlimited access basis for additional fees.

  • ConcordEducations Letter – Magazine that covers scientific, technology, quality, regulatory affairs and association news relevant to the PDA community. Members receive print or online subscriptions, depending on member type.

  • ConcordEducations Bookstore – Discounted access to technical books, reports and multimedia training tools.

ConcordEducations Conferences & Education

Interact with industry leaders and representatives from global regulatory agencies. Members receive exclusive discounts.

  • ConcordEducations Technical Reports – Global technical documents that address a wide array of challenging technical areas. Members can download new technical reports free of charge within 30 days of publication. After the download period, members still receive a substantial discount off the price of Technical Reports.

Our products are built to be as insightful as possible and our customer service team have been trained to quickly address any issues that may arise. We are and will always strive to be transparent about our training services. ConcordEducations invites customer feedback and ideas that will help us to structure products and develop features to meet client needs.

One-of-a-kind Training

We don’t overwhelm our customers with dry regulatory jargon. Instead, we build courses that keep you engaged while you learn. Speak with our expert today if you are looking for any customized training solutions.

Unrivalled Value

ConcordEducations offers affordable pricing and customization for any budget, thus paving way to create a training program that is uniquely tailored to suit your needs. Save considerably on your training costs and improve employee performance with our engaging and effective webinar and seminar trainings. Just a single training with us will substantiate all that is mentioned here. Come, experience yourself!