Andy Bailey

Petra Coach | Rockefeller Habits Certified | Entrepreneur Coach

Andy Bailey is founder and head coach at Petra Coach, where he and his team of entrepreneurial business coaches deploy their no B.S. approach to inspire, transform and scale teams and organizations.

A serial entrepreneur, Andy started his first company while still in college, which he subsequently built into a multi-year Inc. 500 corporation and successfully sold and exited. Now, he and his team coach audiences and teams toward mastering the same habits he uses to scale himself, his team and his business — and his clients’ (which he calls members) — teams and businesses.

Andy is best known for his “No Try Life” approach to personal and professional growth — that is, eliminating the attitude of TRY. Success always boils down to DOING. Further, when your actions are fueled with purpose, alignment and accountability, you’ll succeed more often and with much less drama. He’s also penned several books on business and leadership success, including the Amazon bestseller No Try Only Do: Building a Business on Purpose, Alignment, and Accountability and a more recent book Vitamin B (For Business): Your One-A-Day Supplement for Improvement in Business and Leadership.

Andy is a member of Forbes’ Coaches Council, 20+ year member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and serves on Verne Har- nish’s Scaleup Leader Council. He and Petra Coach have received notable accolades including Nashville’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Best in Business, Most Admired CEO and multiple inclusions on Inc.’s 500/5,000 list.