How to Create an Outstanding Work Culture   : Date : 2021-09-17

While in most workplaces, company culture is usually a secondary factor or is not given much importance when compared to deadlines, these workplaces lose much on a broader level in terms of fostering a work culture for enhanced productivity, workplace efficacy, and collaborative work culture for a multigenerational workforce.

This blog discusses important factors that draw out important strategies that every workplace needs to imply to foster a workplace with a competitive work environment.

How to Build a Culture of cooperation

Encouraging a cooperative work setting t

 Form I-9: A Compliance Overview for Every U.S. Worker   : Date : 2021-09-17

Form I-9 was introduced as a region of necessary compliance for the employers operating within the U.S. the shape eases out the verification method for the employers and provides them with the rightful image and also the background of the workers, if they stand the eligibility criteria to figure within the U.S., legally. It directly compares the data stuffed within the type to the social insurance Administration and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. the opposite agenda that the shape focuses on is to create a positive that the U.S. voters will stay far from the undocumented immigrants once it involves employment eligibility verification of the workers operating within the country.

Why w

 Onboard New Employees Easily - Improve Onboarding Experience   : Date : 2021-09-17

Conducting worker onboarding could be a mundane task. From hiring the proper candidate to obtaining her settlement, It's typically what some HRs may think about a correct worker onboarding method. Agreed. But, what concerning the later duties that return alongside the onboarding process? Is it no more debilitating? This diary describes numerous sides the HRs face whereas onboarding new workers in their organization.

Employee Onboarding 101: understand the fundamentals

In a very shell, employee onboarding will be outlined as a method of obtaining aboard new workers in a corporati

 How to Deal With Toxic People: 5 Tips   : Date : 2021-11-09

Work is greatly hampered when loaded with those who perpetually criticize, nag, and hassle others with their actions. They'll be either found rattling round the work with their conniving tiny low-cost talks or sorting out reasons why they ne'er wish to figure. This journal discusses vital tips that may assist you in handling, managing, and avoiding hepatotoxic folks within the work.

Self-examine yourself and check on your mental being litter with the work

Sharing work with hepat

 Augmented Reality & Compliance– Are You Up To Date With This Technology?   : Date : 2021-09-16

There has always been much outcry about the visible truth and the unpopular truth of the taxpayers we see. Many of them are wondering if it will change eLearning or improve eLearning. Above all, can we offer an inexpensive eLearning with this emerging technology?

Let's find out!

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality, aka VR is nothing but a three-dimensional computer environment that one can explore and participate in. Compared to a typical 2D study area, one can look at pictu

 Why Mobile Learning?   : Date : 2021-09-16

Mobile Learning is an Associate in Nursing innovation that has drastically remodelled how information is obtained and used. A recent analysis by bench centre showed that almost seventy-two of adults within us own a Smartphone. Mobile phones have become such a crucial necessity that everybody needs to possess a minimum of one. As a result, e-learning industries are taking significant advantage of this.

The major is:–

Budget-friendly – Organizations say that almost seventieth of price savings are achieved by reducing iteration ti

 All about Financial Statement Analysis   : Date : 2021-09-16

Financial statement analysis is nothing. However, reviewing and evaluating company money statements. It plays a significant role in understanding the money health of a corporation, thereby facilitating effective deciding. Plan analysis has different users, i.e. internal and external users. Internal users measure those who analyze the plan to create the correct choices related to the corporate operations. External users might not essentially belong to the corporate, and that they might need some money interest. These users are also customers, investors, government, creditors, etc. Thus, it's vital for any money skilled to realize plan Analysis. Let'sLet's cross-check what a plan consists it.

 Structuring Life Sciences Content – An Insight   : Date : 2021-09-16

Document management plays a vital role in the success of managing life sciences content. The analysis discovered that one of the most critical challenges baby-faced by life sciences marketers is content overload, and therefore the drawback continues to be in progress. Solely thirteen pharmaceutical companies and biotech marketers and Revolutionary Organization 17 November of MEd school marketers suppose they management content properly. Biotech, med tech, Life Science and pharmaceutical company industries try numerous suggestions and ways to tackle the growing volume of content. However, content strategy and objectives aren't clear to most of the marketers within the trade. The three challenges of content promoting in life sciences square measure –

 Benefits of Effective Leadership Development   : Date : 2021-09-16

The importance of business leadership is well same by President of the United States during this quote – "The greatest leader isn't essentially the one United Nations agency will the best things. he's the one that gets the folks to try and do the best things." An intelligent leader can convert even a weak business arrangement into success, whereas a poor leader will harm even the foremost glorious performance. It is often the explanation why developing effective leadership skills area unit vital. With visionary leadership, staff expertise, personal satisfaction in work moreover as life, extended skills and competencies, and many qualified and developed folks.

Here area unit 5 ke

 Digitalization of Clinical Trials – The Advantages   : Date : 2021-09-17

Clinical trials within the development of any new medication area unit long in addition as expensive. Over the years, the pharmaceutical business has been attempting to suggest ways to scale back cycle times and prices in tests through clinical trial method design, Business method Outsourcing (BPO), and risk-based watching. However, nothing worked wonders in having a metamorphosis on the general test method.

Fortunately, with the appearance of recent digital technologies, there's enormous scope to optimize the clinical development method. Recent analysis is unconcealed that by 2022 medical aid can pave the manner for four-hundredth of the profitableness in the Pharma business. Most corporations hes

 Cross-Functional Collaboration Effective And economical Risk Assessment   : Date : 2021-09-16

Jurisdictions and timetables area unit inevitable for corporations with world operations whereas implementing new rules. With the number of laws and regulations increasing day by day, corporations need to own associate updated framework to combat risks.

Limitations of the standard risk assessment method

In organizations with multiple secured functions, frustration with existing risk assessment processes is expected. the explanations area unit varied objectives, temporal order challenges, overlapping members, and more. the opposite drawback is that information generated in isolated p

 Latest Trends In Anti-Money Laundering Compliance   : Date : 2021-09-16

Anti-money laundering (AML) compliance requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) have marked their prominence in banks and monetary organizations for years. Post-9/11 era, government agencies, as well as enforcement further as restrictive, have place abundant stress on BSA compliance. And, such agencies, at local, state and federal levels, square measure actively collaborating in making certain that monetary organizations fit the BSA.

On the opposite hand, monetary establishments have additionally nonheritable substantial experience within the procedure of compliance. However, there’s continually a scope for improvement so as to reinforce potency, accuracy, and productivity

 Digital Clinical Trial Process – The Future is Bright!   : Date : 2021-09-16

It merely means the globe is ever-changing, so ought the face of attention. A recent survey on Clinical path discovered that by 2050 the worldwide population is anticipated to achieve ten billion, and also the digital health market is predicted to reach US$225 billion by 2022. It can be the age of digital affiliation, and patients are no longer passive attention recipients but active value-seeking purchasers.

To cut back impediments either because of patient entrance or failure rates throughout clinical trials, performing a digital problem inside a dynamic framework is required. With the appearance of digital capabilities, there's a significant chance to boost test processes. By doing this, you can

 MACRA and MIPS: New Regulations in Medical Practices   : Date : 2021-09-16

The healthcare sector is evolving at an excellent pace. New laws keep creating their means, in conjunction with new connected acronyms. 2 recent acronyms have emerged in the care area unit MACRA and unit. These became a distinguished addition to the medical practices, and to follow them properly, you must perceive the laws well. Late there have been significant changes relating to however health care pays for medical man services. MACRA and unit have a substantial impact on several health plans.

Rising prices and declining revenue are evident in the care. Therefore, the factors causative to it embrace increased demand for quality, lack of resources, uncertainty in care, and lots of additional. Statisti

 Digital Clinical Trial Process – The Future is Bright!   : Date : 2021-09-15

A recent survey on Clinical Trail revealed that by 2050 the global population is anticipated to reach 10 billion and the digital health market is expected to reach US$222 billion by 2022. This is the era of digital connection and patients are no longer passive healthcare recipients but active value-seeking clients. This simply means that the world is changing and so should the face of healthcare.

In order to reduce impediments either due to patient enrolment or failure rates during clinical trials, it is a must to perform a digital trial within a dynamic framework. With the advent of digital capabilities, there is a huge opportunity to improve clinical trial processes. By doing so, you can –

 How Big Data Trends Influence the Banking Industry   : Date : 2021-09-15

The need to solve business challenges, in light of both advancing technologies and the changing nature of data, banking, and financial organizations are starting to look closer at Big Data’s potential benefits. The collection of Big Data Trends helps the banking industry understand the needs and expectations of people. This way they can keep up with trends and make changes in their operations to improve their services as well as customer relations.

Benefits of Big Data

Big Data trends analytics can benefit the banking industry in myriad ways like identifying the profitability

 Employee First – Consumerization of HR   : Date : 2021-09-15

Most organizations attribute their success to having made a conscious effort to put the customer first. Now, some organizations are also applying the same principles to employees. Using this Consumerization of HR approach, organizations view employees as customers and serve their needs, in the same way, resulting in stronger employee engagement, loyalty, and improved resource planning. After all, it is employees who serve on the front lines of customer service and represent the company as brand ambassadors. It is employees who help meet business objectives. And it is employees who are ultimately responsible for the organization’s success.

Defining Consumerization of HR

 How Medical Education is Shifting the Focus to Choosing Wisely?   : Date : 2021-09-15

Just like ‘too little care’, ‘too much care’ could also be detrimental to patients. Over the past few decades, the testing and treatment options in the medical education arena have increased manifold. The patients are being subjected to over-testing and over-treatment which is leading to consequences like unnecessary surgeries, physical sufferings, painful side effects and financial losses that impacts the household budgets severely.

Initiative to Prevent Waste and Risks in Healthcare

To prevent such waste and risks in the healthcare system, associated with u

 Workplace Retaliation: Laws and Concerns in the Digital Era   : Date : 2021-09-15

Most people are aware of the laws protecting employees from harassment and discrimination but very few know that there are also laws protecting from Workplace Retaliation. In this digital era, social media is increasingly being used by employees for complaining about their employers or employees. Consequently, employment-law retaliation claims, concerning social media activity, has also gained prominence. In light of certain laws, employers need to think about their social media policies carefully to avoid legal liabilities.

Defining Retaliation

Workplace Retaliation can be defined

 Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Banking Compliance   : Date : 2021-09-15

Today, maintaining Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Banking Compliance in the financial regulatory environment requires much more than just managing numbers. As per certain regulations, monitoring fraudulent trading practices isn’t enough and the firms are also required to monitor communications throughout a transaction or trade life cycle. For this, it’s important to obtain additional information regarding monitored users and their activities. Such information might include relationship discrepancies, behaviour anomalies or any other fluctuations in trade data or communication.

Fintech and Regtech

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 Make Your Workplace Investigation Successful   : Date : 2021-09-15

A problem or a complaint, formal or informal, in a company often puts the employer in a tight spot where the workflow or the company’s reputation could be at stake. In such workplace investigation cases, it’s important for the employer to carry out a proper investigation. However, in many organizations, HR or compliance investigators lack appropriate training for conducting workplace investigations. Being an employer you must know that when a problem arises, it’s essential to take fast and effective action in order to find out the cause and remedy of the problem, and also to protect the company from dire consequences.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure that you must follow to con

 Technology Based Protocol Development in Pharmaceutical Industry   : Date : 2021-09-15

With the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, the advent of digital tools, processes, and platforms has also been prominent. This has dramatically transformed the face of clinical trials and is making way for new opportunities to improve the trial processes further. However, in this changing scenario, the professionals need to develop new systems and procedures to evaluate new technologies and analyze if these can streamline the trial experiences.

On a global scale, the expenditure of Pharma companies on R&D is more than USD 140 billion. Over the past decade, the clinical trial costs have increased greatly and there is more than a 150 percent increase in the average cost per patient. And, the

 Double Up Your Learning Benefits With HRCI And SHRM Approved Webinars   : Date : 2021-09-15

HRCI And SHRM Approved Webinars A Continuing Education Credit (CEC) or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) refers to a measure used in continuing education programs for helping professionals maintain their license in the profession. Continuing education is mandatory in several fields and is described as participation in different educational programs and activities.

Being an HR professional, you must keep on learning to update your skills and knowledge. For this HR Certification Institute®(HRCI®), the premier credentialing organization for the human resources profession offers recertification courses to encourage your commitment to continuing competence throughout your HR care

 Anti Money Laundering in the Digital Era   : Date : 2021-09-15

Anti Money laundering continues to be a major issue in the financial ecosystem but the methods are changing drastically in this technology-driven era. The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) was introduced long back, mandating the reporting of suspected fraud or laundering. However, now the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has modified and expanded the anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. Financial organizations now have rules, outlined by the Department of the Treasury agency, including reporting cyber-enabled crime and cyber-events through Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). Apart from including the questionable activity by customers, the updated rules also include suspicious activity on the bank level. 

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 Virtual Currency – Maintaining Compliance with Regulations   : Date : 2021-09-15

In recent years, virtual currencies have gained a lot of prominence in the real world. Different types of virtual currency have evolved, which have also resulted in increased risks in the areas of information technology, compliance, and financial crime. Virtual currencies are available in digital form and do not follow the same regulations as e-money (traditional currency exchanged electronically).  However, with the growing popularity of virtual currencies, regulatory expectations and guidance on risk management are also emerging at a fast pace. Failure to meet the regulations may lead to severe consequences like criminal or civil penalties, in case the money is laundered through the virtual currencies system.

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 Stricter Food Safety Regulations For Export Market Requirements   : Date : 2021-09-15

Exporters are increasingly feeling the pressure to conform to international compliance standards if they are to enter successfully developed country markets. Food safety regulations and quality have become increasingly important globally in recent years, not only in terms of protecting the health of the consumer and ensuring food safety, but also to meet requirements for international trade. To facilitate such trade, it is necessary to implement international standards, guidelines, and recommendations for the production of safe and quality-assured foods.

In the food sector, periodic outbreaks of food-borne illnesses have led to stricter regulation, making suppliers of br

 Strategies To Prevent Sexual Harassment In Your Workplace   : Date : 2021-09-15

Sexual harassment is an umbrella term encompassing a number of unwanted behaviours that include physical as well as non-physical harassment. Sexual harassment in your workplace is a serious issue and, no matter how large or small the incidents are and who is involved, managers or employers must take quick and appropriate actions. Sexual harassment can be perpetrated by anyone in the workplace like a co-worker, manager or client. The perpetrator and the recipient could be anyone, irrespective of gender. Physical harassment includes touches, hugs and coerced sex acts whereas non-physical harassment includes suggestive gestures and remarks, and requests for sexual fervours. In fact, any conduct of sexual nature that makes an employee uncomfortable can be termed as se

 Finding The Best Candidate For Your Organization   : Date : 2021-09-15

Recruiting the right job candidate is becoming a tough job day by day and if you are not using innovative strategies, you would be wasting a lot of your time and money in the process. There has been a lot of advancement in HR technologies for the improvement of Fasten the Hiring Process.

Finding the right candidate requires a well-planned strategy. And, to understand the significance of such a strategy, it’s also important to note that the process of talent acquisition never really stops. Previously, the recruitment process mainly involved posting a job on job boards and waiting for applications, which was actually enough. However, now the time has changed and there is a dire need for a stro

 Effective Internal Controls for Fraud Prevention   : Date : 2021-09-15

Research reveals that a typical company loses a significant amount of its revenue to fraud every year. Alarming it is but the majority of the organizations still deny that they might be vulnerable to effective internal controls for fraud prevention. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) suggests that many of the fraud cases are never detected because fraud inherently involves efforts of concealment. This calls for the implementation of strong anti-fraud controls to reduce the opportunities for committing fraud. Also, the attitude of the company towards internal controls, fraud, and ethical culture is an important requisite for fraud prevention.

The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO)

 Key Steps for a Successful GRC Implementation   : Date : 2021-09-15

GRC Implementation is the acronym for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. It refers to the integrated collection of capabilities that help an organization in achieving objectives, addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. GRC as a business practice aims at creating a synchronized approach toward three areas - governance, risk management and compliance. To make a business successful, it’s important to have an effective GRC platform. And, owing to the changing regulatory landscape, it’s becoming more and more important to have a heightened level of awareness about GRC for the improvement of business longevity and corporate culture. Talking about having a GRC platform, many organizations find it challenging to decide what type of platform would be suitable for them and h

 10 Strategies to Keep Your Employees Motivated   : Date : 2021-09-15

For being a successful manager, you must understand and master the strategies for keeping the employees motivated to perform at a high level. Employee motivation is an important factor that leads to higher productivity and business growth.

Managers use different techniques to assess the personality and behaviour of different employees motivated and to determine what motivates them. For this, it’s important to know them and understand their goals and aspirations to implement strategies that work best in keeping them motivated. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for employee motivation because all the employees are quite different from each other and different factors impact their

 Tips to Avoid Common HIPAA Violations   : Date : 2021-09-15

HIPAA violations breaches could cost your organization thousands of dollars, in addition to damaging your reputation and relationship with your patients. Penalties for not complying with HIPAA rules are divided into two categories: Reasonable Cause and Willful Neglect. Fine for a HIPAA breach owing to reasonable cause ranges between $100 and $50,000 per incident and doesn’t include any jail time. However, in case of willful neglect, the fine ranges from$10,000 to $50,000 for each incident and could also lead to criminal charges. Even a small HIPAA violation on the part of a single employee could jeopardize the reputation of the entire organization. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your employees know how to comply with the regulations and work in accordance. Here are a few tips th

 Centralized Monitoring – Enhancing Efficiency In Clinical Trial Management   : Date : 2021-09-15

Developing cost-effective new drugs and therapies is a major challenge for the life science industry. Drug development involves a number of phases among which the clinical trial management phase is the most complex one. It needs planning, execution and monitoring of clinical trials to obtain reliable study data for regulatory submissions. However, in clinical trial management, one of the major costs owes to clinical monitoring. Studies have revealed that conducting frequent monitoring visits to investigational sites and 100% source data verification (SDV)through traditional ways don’t always lead to high data quality. This calls for a smarter and better approach for more efficient study data monitoring. A number of monitoring approaches have evolved these days but centralized monitoring has been pro

 Tips to Improve Internal Communication at Work   : Date : 2021-09-15

Internal communication is one of the most important aspects of a workplace, be it any type of company. Effective communication skills lead to strong professional relationships and help in achieving goals faster. It not only improves the work environment but also leads to positive results. However, a number of organizations encounter internal communication issues that hamper work and cause misunderstandings. If you have such issues in your organization, it’s important to start working on them as soon as you can because letting poor communication get worse could drastically impact the success of your organization.

Here are a few tips that could help you improve t

 Handling Customer Complaints – Perfect Your Approach to Resolving Issues   : Date : 2021-09-15

No matter how hard you work to optimize your products and services, you are bound to encounter some unhappy customers, complaining about your work. However, for succeeding in this competitive era, it’s extremely important that your employees are skilled enough to handle customer complaints and work towards customer satisfaction.

A complaint often helps an organization to learn about the shortcomings of its products and services and provides an opportunity to make improvements. Handling customer complaints through phone, email, or in-person, requires a set of skills and strategies, which, if applied properly, can get you, happy customers. Also, the customers are likely to share their experien

 Guidelines for Surviving an IRS Audit   : Date : 2021-09-15

Untitled Document

IRS audit is a much-dreaded term even for many honest taxpayers. There have been instances where businesses have shut down after IRS audits and also the agency is quite meticulous about detecting questionable deductions or unreported income. This instils much fear among taxpayers, especially high-income taxpayers and self-employed individuals. However, it’s important to understand that instances of business shut down make up the worst-case scenarios. IRS audits are, i

 Key Steps for Strategic Planning   : Date : 2021-09-15

The business world is getting fiercely competitive and to maintain the competitive edge, relying only on forecast-based or budget based planning methods isn’t enough. The need of the hour is engaging in strategic planning where the objectives are clearly defined and strategy is formulated on the basis of the assessment of internal as well as external situations. Strategy formulation is then followed by implementation, evaluation and streamlining of the strategy to achieve the goal. Strategic planning begins with defining the desired end and working backwards to the current status to formulate an effective strategy.

Here are the key steps involved in the process of strategic planning:

 Techniques to Strengthen the Cyber Security of Your Organization   : Date : 2021-09-15

Cyber security threats are heightening day by day and businesses, whether big or small, must take appropriate measures to strengthen their cyber security policies. Technologies are advancing and hackers are adopting more and more sophisticated techniques for data breaches, costing organizations millions. And, in addition to monetary loss, data breaches also damage the reputation and client relationships. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and there is an increased need of training the staff to become more vigilant towards protecting sensitive data and passwords and identifying threats. Here are a few techniques to strengthen the cyber security of your organization:

 Major Challenges in the Banking Industry   : Date : 2021-09-15

Every industry needs to evolve with time to keep up with the changing trends and business landscape. Challenges in the Banking industry is no exception. With time, bankers are encountering more risks and regulations, in light of growing concerns about third-party relationships, workforce management and many other issues. Keeping in view all the concerns, banks and financial institutions are focusing more on better strategies and modern technologies to deal with multiple challenges. Let’s have a look at the major challenges that the banking industry is facing and what should be the focus to overcome those challenges.

1. Customer-Centric Approach

 Best Practices for Maintaining GMP Data Integrity   : Date : 2021-09-15

Data integrity is the completeness, accuracy and consistency of data, regardless of the format in which it is generated, retained or used. Maintaining the integrity of data pertaining to GMP activities is very important for maintaining compliance with the regulations. Best practices for maintaining data integrity not only encompass the Quality Control (QC) data but also the data which is generated by other activities like manufacturing, validation, packaging, materials management, facilities management and more. An effective way of maintaining data integrity involves risk-based and holistic assessment of the systems that store the data related to GMP operations, and include manual, electronic and hybrid systems.

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 Top Challenges in International Trade Compliance   : Date : 2021-09-15

If you are involved in international trade compliance business operations, you need to be clear and well aware of the rules and regulations governing the same. Some rules are established by the governments of respective nations, as per the business landscape of their countries, whereas others are established with the aim of meeting the requirements of international trade agreements. For smooth operations in the import or export business, you must understand the regulations properly for avoiding risks. Failure to comply with the regulations, even unintentionally, may lead to severe consequences including seizures, fines, inspections, imprisonment and loss of market access. Laws and regulations surrounding international trade are quite complex and to understand the risks of non-complia

 Lawful Methods for Drug Disposal and the Need For Precautions   : Date : 2021-09-15

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) mandates regulations governing the drug disposal of controlled drugs by the ultimate user (patient). The regulations do not prohibit the patient or family member from disposing of medications in their home. However, they expand the options for this disposal to include and encourage the use of authorized collectors which will include pharmacies, hospitals, clinics within pharmacies, certain manufacturers, distributors, and law enforcement agencies. All of these collection options are voluntary and the disposal regulation does not require the patient to utilize any of these methods for disposal of controlled substances. The agency has also revised the regulation recently and any method of drug disposal that was valid prior to the new regul

 Membership Packages & Corporate Training – Make Smart Learning Choices   : Date : 2021-09-15

Membership Packages & Corporate Training in today’s era internet plays a very important role in, practically, every industry. Businesses are highly dependent upon internet-based tools and services for operations, strategy formulation, and whatnot. Moreover, the internet has also made professional learning more and more convenient and one such example is webinars. Webinars help you learn about the things relevant to your profession from a convenient location. All you need is a device with internet connectivity and you can enhance your professional capabilities to unimaginable extents. Training Doyens organizes insightful webinars related to multiple industries including, but on limited to, healthcare, banking, human resources and cross-industry functions. Experts hailing from different industries

 Membership Packages & Corporate Training – Make Smart Learning Choices   : Date : 2021-09-15

Membership Packages & Corporate Training in today’s era internet plays a very important role in, practically, every industry. Businesses are highly dependent upon internet-based tools and services for operations, strategy formulation, and whatnot. Moreover, the internet has also made professional learning more and more convenient and one such example is webinars. Webinars help you learn about the things relevant to your profession from a convenient location. All you need is a device with internet connectivity and you can enhance your professional capabilities to unimaginable extents. Training Doyens organizes insightful webinars related to multiple industries including, but on limited to, healthcare, banking, human resources and cross-industry functions. Experts hailing from different industries

 Professional Certifications – Staying One Step Ahead of Your Competition   : Date : 2021-09-15

There are a number of good reasons why professionals from different industries are becoming more inclined towards Professional Certifications. Such certifications not only validate the skills and expertise of an individual but also help industries in defining and maintaining specific standards. Earning a professional certification takes you much ahead of the competition and provides more credibility to you as a professional. Also, these programs help you in staying updated and informed about what’s going on in your industry. Many organizations offer professional certification programs and Training Doyens is one of them, featuring top-notch certifications.

Among so many benef

 Continuing Education – A Commitment to Continued Competence   : Date : 2021-09-15

Continuing education programs refer to learning activities aimed at educating professionals and helping them advance their skills and knowledge regarding their field of work. The programs include webinars, seminars, formal lectures and many more. These are optional for certain professionals whereas for some these are required for maintaining certification or licensure. A continuing education credit (CEC) or continuing education unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs. A CEU equals 10 hours of participation in an accredited program. Training Doyens offers CEU approved webinars for various industries. By attending the webinars you can not only enhance your knowledge and skills but can also earn CEUs to establish yourself as a competent and expert professional

 Managing a New Team – Basics of Leadership and Team Building   : Date : 2021-09-15

Managing a team for the first time could bring up conflicting ideas and thoughts in your mind. Establishing authority over a new set of employees could be tough. Building a healthy professional relationship with your team, along with earning their trust and respect, takes time. You need to take things slow, proceed strategically and shouldn’t rush to achieve goals. Getting the employees to work together towards a common goal isn’t easy and involves a myriad of challenging situations. Let’s have a look at some effective strategies for managing a new team that could help you develop a collaborative and productive team and establish yourself as a successful leader.

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 Gamification at Work – Connecting Employee Motivation to Business Goals   : Date : 2021-09-15

If you can instil some elements of fun in work, the job is a game. Gamification at work is emerging as a powerful concept. It is a management technique that aims at boosting productivity, inspiring teams and enhancing efficiency. Gamification is all about connecting employee motivation to business goals. Elements of gamification include all that motivate the employees like competitions, rewards or strong motivations. If you can make your employees happy and engaged, you can reach goals much faster.

1. What is Gamification?

Gamification refers to game-based

 Site Selection for Clinical Trials – Best Practices   : Date : 2021-09-15

Getting accurate results in clinical trials depends on several factors and an important one among those is site selection. For executing a clinical trial successfully, it’s important to identify and work in an effective site that ensures that the patients are safe and the procedures are effective. While selecting a site for clinical trials, several things need to be considered like availability of suitable patients, experienced staff, track record with previous trials, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available, geographic location etc. The sponsor needs to perform due diligence to make sure that the site meets all the requirements for the successful execution of a clinical trial. The budget of the trial also needs careful consideration in site selection for clinical trials

 Tips & Tricks for Effective Management of Payroll Processing   : Date : 2021-09-15

When you start a business, one of the most taxing and confusing tasks could be managing the payroll. Calculating taxes, overtime, vacations and benefits, even for a small business having a few employees, could take hours.  There are many companies out there that still lack effective management of payroll processing which leads to various problems like legal issues, dissatisfied employees and many more. Being an employer, you also need to make many payroll-related decisions and if your payroll process is disorganized or has errors, you may land in serious trouble.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make your payroll processing smooth and error-free:<

 Employee Termination – How to Avoid Legal and Ethical Issues?   : Date : 2021-09-15

Employee termination could be a challenging task for managers. Not only it carries the risk of legal troubles but firing an employee could also disrupt the employee-management relationship, depending on how the employee takes the termination. Terminating an employee not only impacts the employee’s career but also his or her family life. Additionally, it also leaves an impact on the current employees. Employee termination puts so much at stake but under circumstances where termination is absolutely necessary, the managers need to consider a lot of things and deal with ethical dilemmas. Talking about legal issues, statistics suggest that majority of the wrongful termination lawsuits have been won by the former employee.

 Simple Steps to Improve Your Workplace Safety Program   : Date : 2021-09-15

Be it any industry, employers are always under the obligation of ensuring the safety of the employees in the workplace. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every year a significant number of employees face workplace injuries that could be easily prevented with a proper workplace safety program in place. As per the law, employers need to report all workplace injuries to OSHA and in case of rule violations, they must face penalties. Without proper workplace safety programs, employers can also end up with considerable losses in terms of productivity, revenue and more. Being an employer, you need to maintain a safe workplace and make it a priority for your executives and the organization as a whole.

 How to Survive an FDA Audit for Medical Device Firms?   : Date : 2021-09-15

FDA audit could be nerve-racking for medical device manufacturers if they are not well prepared. Over the last few years, medical device firms have encountered a significantly heightened number of inspections that resulted in an increase in the number of citations. Although difficult, FDA audit is an important aspect of medical device industry. However, especially for startups, the first audit could be quite difficult to handle as the checklist of FDA could scare away the potential investors or customers, hindering the organization’s goal and efforts. Moreover, FDA sometimes announces their audit beforehand but the regulators may also turn up any time for inspection, without any notice. This implies, being a medical device manufacturer, you always need to be prepared for going

 Business Networking – An Absolute Necessity For Success   : Date : 2021-09-15

Business networking can be fun and profitable at the same time. Networking is always an essential requisite of reaching business goals, be it any kind of business. And, in this internet driven world where every business needs an online presence to succeed, business networking has become even easier and beneficial. Business networking is defined as establishing mutually beneficial relationships with other business entities as well as potential clients and customers. It is an incredibly good means of reaching more clients, increasing knowledge and enhancing profits. The stronger the network the more sustainable is the business. Building a successful business requires a lot of time and effort and having a good network of associates and friends can pave the way for you. To move forw

 Strategies to Detect and Prevent Accounts Payable Fraud   : Date : 2021-09-15

After the Sarbanes–Oxley Act was passed in the year 2002, many firms were forced to review their internal controls for Accounts Payable. Although the implementation of effective internal controls could be a tedious job, it could prove to be extremely beneficial in preventing frauds. One of the most common ways in which a company can encounter significant financial losses is Accounts Payable fraud. It’s often perpetrated by the employees of the organization and could go undetected for a long period of time leading to major losses. The signs for such frauds cannot be always easily observed. But fortunately, there are effective strategies to detect and prevent accounts payable frauds. However, once you detect the crime, it’s quite easy to identify the offender

 Best Practices for Employer Branding   : Date : 2021-09-15

Attracting and retaining talented candidates require efforts and some well-thought strategies. Wouldn’t it be great if the top talents knock on your door for the job instead of you looking for talented candidates? For this, you need to create a brand for yourself that stands out in this competitive market. Employer branding refers to the process of promoting an organization in a way that attracts the desired target group which the company wants to recruit or retain. Candidates now have the freedom to select the employers as well as positions they want to work for. Also, good candidates always do some research about the organization before applying for a job. Thus, to get the best employees on board, you need to be excellent in employer branding.

 Why GMP Audits are a Necessity?   : Date : 2021-09-15

Talking of product safety, the goods that require maximum scrutiny are health, food and beauty products. To make sure that the suppliers and manufacturers belonging to this sector are maintaining the standards set by government agencies, GMP audits are necessary. It’s important to ensure that the manufacturing process is well defined and controlled and the product matches the predefined specifications. In case of alterations in the procedures affect the product, there must be an appropriate procedure for analyzing the product for its quality. And, if the quality gets compromised, the product must be discarded. Customers should receive the product with clear and understandable instructions. GMP audits to ensure that all the procedures in the supply and manufacturing units a

 Financial Modeling- A Valuable Business Tool for Success   : Date : 2021-09-15

Financial modelling is the process of creating mathematical models for representing the financial performance of business entities. Financial models are usually used for cash management and budgeting but there are many more valuable benefits. They also provide important insights about the company which help in decision making. Such models help in analyzing how much profit is required for achieving the target which, in turn, helps in formulating effective strategies. A good financial model should be detailed yet simple. No matter whether you are a startup or an enterprise, financial models help in predicting and estimating opportunities, investments, risks, outcomes and other important scenarios.

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 How Employers Can Help Employees in Managing a Perfect Work-Life Balance?   : Date : 2021-09-15

A number of employees, all around the globe, find it quite difficult to maintain a perfect balance between career and family. Life is getting busier and professional and personal lives to blend in such a way that it often makes one or the other suffer. Work-life balance is the art of balancing the personal life which includes family, friends and self, and professional life that includes work stress, targets, colleagues and many more factors. Employers and business leaders have also recognized the significance of work-life balance which is essential for maintaining a healthy workforce. Also, it’s important to identify the role of leaders that can help employees manage the components of professional and personal lives. The idea is splitting the time and energy of the employees ef

 7 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Team Building in Your Organization   : Date : 2021-09-15

Employers and managers often talk about team building but very few actually understand what it takes to develop the spirit of teamwork. Team spirit is all about feeling that you are a part of something larger than yourself. Effective team building in the workplace requires understanding the objectives and vision of the organization. For building an efficient team, every member needs to understand that they have to work with their fellow members and contribute to the overall functioning or success of the organization. Although every employee has a distinct role in a company while working in a team their work collaborates to serve the bigger picture. Team building impacts the organization in a myriad of positive ways which is why it’s extremely important to focus on effectiv

 Ensuring Vendor Compliance for Healthcare Organizations   : Date : 2021-09-15

Providing good healthcare services requires good coordination among a number of people and organizations that work together to maintain the quality as well as compliance in the services. No healthcare organization can work alone, be it a hospital, clinic, long-term care company or dental practice, and it has to rely on vendors or third parties for its functioning. However, for every healthcare organization, it is important to know and monitor the company it is partnering or working with to ensure that compliance and quality are being maintained. With time the federal and state regulations are growing more and more complex which is also increasing the risk of regulatory violations. This calls for a heightened need of ensuring vendor compliance for healthcare organizations.

 How to Increase ROI of Your Business?   : Date : 2021-09-15

Return on Investment (ROI) is defined as the ratio of net profit and financial investment of a business. It is the financial return a company receives from spending money on its business. For business owners, increasing ROI depends on how well they manage the company finances and business assets. In small businesses covering expenses requires well-thought strategies to ensure that “less is more.” Often employees need to take care of multiple roles and work with limited resources to minimize investments and increase profits. However, be it small or big, for every business, it’s crucial that the ROI keeps on increasing. Although business always comes with multiple risks, there are a few strategies that can help in increasing the ROI of your business:

 Writing Great Job Descriptions to Attract the Most Suitable Candidates   : Date : 2021-09-15

If you want to hire talented candidates for your organization, first you need to attract them through great job descriptions. Writing an effective and concise job description is important to get talented candidates applying for your job. It is said that good job descriptions combine required skills and competencies, job responsibilities, organizational culture and some marketing. In order to prevent making bad hires, recruiters also like to highlight the values and mission of the organization. There are millions of recruiters posting job descriptions on various job portals and to make yours prominent among those, it’s important that you write a great one. The right job description connects you to the right candidates and helps you make a good hire.

 Succession Planning – the Key to Make Your Organization Future Proof   : Date : 2021-09-15

Succession planning is a systematic approach for identifying and developing new leaders that can replace the old ones in future. For today’s business scenario, your organization might be well-staffed but there could be changes and shifts in the upcoming days. As an employer or human resource manager, you need to think about the future and develop a  workforce that can adapt to upcoming shifts and efficiently take up leadership roles whenever necessary. Succession planning is all about mapping the talents and future needs, and training and developing the employees accordingly.

There are a few simple steps of succession planning that an organization can follow:


 Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Today’s Work Culture   : Date : 2021-09-15

Among a myriad of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence is a prominent one that promises advancements in a number of industries. Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as machine intelligence, is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. The devices understand the environment and take actions that maximize the chances of achieving goals successfully. Although AI has automated a number of jobs in recent years, it is also playing a major role in making the workplaces better. Implementation of AI in many processes is still in a nascent stage but if developed in the right ways it could help companies identify the issues that hamper employee productivity and efficiency.

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 Retaining the Millennial Workforce- Rethink Your Organizational Strategies   : Date : 2021-09-15

The millennial workforce is the newest and biggest generation of workers that are also known to be job hoppers. Recruiting the millennial or Gen Y workforce requires a specific strategy and so does retaining them. Millennials have an entirely different perspective towards work and their definitions of employee loyalty, dedication and success are often different from other generations. They do recognize the value of such terms but in a different manner. As an employer, you need to understand their career aspirations and needs. And, to retain them effectively in your company, you may need to rehash your business policies and strategies.

Take a look at some of the important strategies that you could use t

 7 Useful Tips to Prepare for a Food Safety Audit   : Date : 2021-09-15

Food safety is an important concern in the food industry. And, if you work in a food processing facility, you always need to be audit-ready. With time, food audits have become more and more rigorous and frequent. There are different types of inspections for which it’s important that you have appropriate systems in place. At times, food audits can be overwhelming and challenging as there are numerous regulations and requests which become difficult to comply with. However, being prepared for a food safety audit gives you an edge and helps you gain a good audit score which contributes to the business success.

Here are 7 useful tips to prepare for a food safety audit:

 Best Practices in Payroll Processing for Small Businesses   : Date : 2021-09-15

Even if you are working with a small team, payroll processing could be challenging. There is paperwork to be taken care of, along with many other responsibilities. Without Proper planning and appropriate tools, even the savviest business owner can get overwhelmed with payroll processing. Often small businesses do not have a dedicated payroll manager and it becomes the responsibility of the business owner. Payroll processing can also be time-consuming and prone to mistakes due to frequent changes in taxation rules. Effective management of payroll processing is very important for your business. Employees always expect their paychecks to arrive on time and without any flaw. So, if you keep your employees happy in this aspect, you are taking a significant step towards employee satis

 Dealing with Workplace Negativity – Tips to Make Your Efforts Fruitful   : Date : 2021-09-15

Workplace negativity can have a very damaging impact on your organization. It deters employee morale and affects the energy of your workforce, resulting in poor performance. And, the most worrisome part is that it spreads like a wildfire and can engulf your whole organization before you know. Workplace negativity can arise from a number of factors including outlook, attitude, gossip about an employee or any event or decision leading to disappointment. Fortunately, there are effective ways to deal with workplace negativity. Human resource professionals have a better understanding of the reasons behind workplace negativity as they are constantly interacting with the employees, hearing out their complaints and grievances, and conducting exit interviews. Thus, their active role in figuri

 How to Excel in Customer Service?   : Date : 2021-09-15

One of the prime factors that drive a business towards success is great customer service.No matter how great your product is or how talented employees you have in your organization if your customer service isn’t good, your business won’t thrive. It isn’t very easy to provide awesome customer service and it requires skills and well-thought strategies. Research suggests that if people receive good customer service they tell 2 or 3 people but if it’s bad they tell 10 to 12 people. In this scenario where recommendations and word of mouth hold such great value, it’s extremely important to be consistent in delivering great customer service. Even if you have been recognized as an excellent organization in terms of customer services, you need to constantly upgrade and refresh your sk

 How Data Analytics Can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry?   : Date : 2021-09-15

Data analytics in healthcare can prove to be a boon for hospitals and health systems if used the right way. In addition to focusing on facts, understanding the analytics discoveries can benefit healthcare institutions greatly by improving the management and quality of care. In the process of providing healthcare, institutions collect and store a large amount of patient data that includes information on admission, diagnosis, treatment and discharge. Analyzing such data can lead to improved care. Big data is taking every industry by storm and healthcare is no exception. Although a number of organizations have already begun making use of big data, others need to implement the right infrastructure to generate useful insights. Let’s have a look at how healthcare organizations can turn big data into strat

 Finance Management Techniques for Small Businesses   : Date : 2021-09-15

Small businesses face a number of challenges among which finance management definitely tops the list. Financial decisions must be exercised with the utmost caution, right from the beginning, as small businesses operate on limited financial resources. Establishing a  successful business requires a lot more than just a good business idea. For generating profits and staying credible in the industry, entrepreneurs need to excel in finance management. If your small business is struggling with managing finance, you just need to rehash your strategies and modify your operations a little to improve your finances.

1. Keep Your Business And Personal Finances Separate

 Your Multigenerational Workforce Could Be Your Biggest Competitive Advantage   : Date : 2021-09-15

Today’s workforce is composed of four generations and each generation has its unique characteristics. Each of them, namely Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z, brings exclusive strengths to work but their different working styles and philosophies can often lead to conflicts. As much as this multigenerational workforce is adding value to work, there is also a growing challenge for human resources managers in terms of managing the coordination and collaboration among different generations. Millennials or Gen Y is increasingly assuming management and leadership roles which further fuels workplace disruptions. Each generation has been shaped by different societal and economic conditions and has different life experiences. A smart manager views this as a unique opportunity to enhance productivity. Manag

 How Workplace Automation is Transforming Businesses   : Date : 2021-09-15

As new technologies are emerging, workplaces are undergoing huge transformations. Automation of manual tasks in the workplace is reshaping the business processes and operations. Gone are the days when a major part of the working population used to cringe at the word  “automation” thinking that it would lead to job loss. However, the reality is far from this and as the technologies are advancing, workplace automation is indeed impacting businesses in positive ways. Today, the business leaders as well as the information workers are equally positive about the concept of automation in workplaces and are looking at the myriad of benefits it brings such as reduced cost and improved productivity. Also, organizations are able to simplify many tasks which, consequently,

 Managing Job Burnout: Tips to Protect Your Mental and Physical Health   : Date : 2021-09-14

The work atmosphere, in recent times, has drastically changed and the competition everywhere is cutthroat. Individuals in a corporate environment are continually faced with new challenges, high work pressure and ever-increasing expectations. And, adding to it, the technology has made work very much portable, blurring the line between personal and professional hours. The treadmills are moving faster and in an attempt to keep up with the pace, the employees are facing a whole new level of exhaustion. This exhaustion, called job burnout, is different from work stress and can be defined as physical or emotional exhaustion which makes people detached, cynical, and unproductive. Burnout is, in fact, a medical condition and research suggest that a lot of people who experience burnout do not believe that their job is the main cause. Job burnout can severely impact o

 How to Train New Managers to Help Them Reach Their Full Potential   : Date : 2021-09-14

While promoting an employee to the managerial position you expect that they would be great in handling the team because they have been a competent employee and seemed to have the right skillset. However, there often remains a gap between having the skillset and applying them to manage teams. When an employee is promoted to the position of manager, things change for them significantly and many new managers are often unprepared for this change. Even the incredibly talented employee doesn’t always emerge as a great manager. Many new managers admit that they were unprepared for the leadership positions when they were promoted. A good manager is crucial for the success of the team, as well as for the retention and engagement of employees. And thus it’s critical to train first time managers to bridge the gap between the manager’s capabilities and

 6 Effective Strategies for Managing Small Business Debts   : Date : 2021-09-14

Debt is often an inevitable part of small business and managing business debt could be quite difficult at times. Entrepreneurs often depend on business credit cards, business loans or lines of credit for meeting company expenses like hiring a new candidate, purchasing equipment, etc. However, too much debt could be a severe problem and, if not managed properly, holds the possibility of losing the business. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), some of the top reasons why small businesses fail include poor credit management, personal use of business finance and lack of money. Managing company finances is a critical factor for success and as a business owner, you need to know how to methodically and effectively pay your business debts before they become unmanageable. So if you find your company under unexpectedly high debts, do not pa

 Recruitment Hacks - How to Hire Top Talents on a Limited Budget   : Date : 2021-09-14

Growing the team is often the most challenging task for employers. Not always do you find the right candidates at the right time and on top of that if you have a tight budget the job becomes even more difficult. As a recruiter, you must have come across candidates that are a great fit for your organization but you simply cannot afford them. And so you are trapped in a paradox - you need to expand your team to increase revenue but you cannot afford to expand your team until you increase your revenue. However, amid this frequently occurring scenario in the business world, there also dwells a common misconception among recruiters for which they miss out on top talents from the industry. Although compensation is an important part of attracting good candidates, recruiters also need to know that it’s not the only way of winning them over. Competition is tough out there with big c

 Why You Need to Know About and Analyze the Types of Employee Turnover   : Date : 2021-09-14

Employee turnover is an inevitable part of all organizations. There are several reasons behind turnover, some of which employers can control while others cannot. Currently, in the U.S., the number of job openings is more than the number of people seeking jobs. This opens up numerous opportunities for skilled workers who can easily switch jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that since 2010 the number of employee resignations has constantly increased, every year, and has exceeded 40 million in 2018. Turnover could be expensive, be it any organization, and keeping the current scenario in mind, the employers need to find better and effective strategies to prevent it. A recent study has revealed that organizations that focus more on preventing employee turnover are more likely to improve employee engagement in their organization. There are 4 ma

 5 Essential Techniques to Promote Healthy Competition at Work   : Date : 2021-09-14

Competition in the workplace is quite common but not every organization makes an effort to ensure that the competition is healthy. Workplace competition can, indeed, be beneficial to the business as it boosts productivity and employee engagement. When in competition, everyone wants to do better than others which leads to increased efforts for achieving results. However, in some cases, it may also lead to low morale, stress, and long-lasting resentment among employees which could be the consequence of constant comparison. Not all employees have the same temperament and while some can thrive well in a competitive environment, others might dread it. Thus, it’s important for organizations to foster healthy competition in the workplace which eliminates the negative effects. Companies often create a competitive work culture by introducing policies like rewarding

 How Wearable Technology is Benefitting the Healthcare Industry   : Date : 2021-09-14

The healthcare industry has been tremendously impacted by wearable technology over the past decade. The sensor-based devices are bringing remarkable advancements in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, in addition to making people more and more health-conscious. A huge number of people have embraced wearable technology and prefer to monitor their health parameters constantly through the devices. Some of the devices can also be used to send data to the doctors, who can monitor their patients’ health and decide the course of action in a timely manner. The devices can significantly speed up the entire process of diagnosis and treatment by automating a number of processes. Wearable devices can be used to track heart rate, physical activity, sleep, etc and can also guide the users on achieving a healthier lifestyle. Paired with a website or smartphone, these

 8 Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Using LinkedIn   : Date : 2021-09-14

LinkedIn was launched in the year 2003 as a social networking site for professionals and over the years it has redefined networking and business branding. Many industry reports have revealed that LinkedIn is one of the top tools for improving brand recognition, especially for Business to Business (B2B) organizations. Entrepreneurs and professionals are increasingly utilizing this valuable tool for building and promoting their brands. In recent research, 50% of B2B buyers have revealed that LinkedIn highly influences their purchase decisions. Today, LinkedIn is an active and vibrant networking hub where professionals can meet, interact, socialize and learn from each other. However, although the tool provides many opportunities for brand building, one should know the right strategies to harness its power to the fullest.

Here are 8 tips on how to use Linke

 HR Compliance Checklist: Major Areas to Oversee   : Date : 2021-09-14

The human resources department has a number of compliance responsibilities under which it has to take care of various laws and regulations, both at local and national levels. Needless to mention, compliance has always been a complex area, having multilayered issues and challenges, and with the governments at various levels becoming more and more stringent about the enforcement of the laws, the HR department needs to be even more informed and skilled. Also, the laws and regulations, today, keep changing frequently and the HR professionals often find it difficult to keep up. Compliance in an organization covers a number of subjects like compensation, training programs, management practices, employee behaviour and more. The HR department acts as the front line of defence for any company and is responsible for ensuring that the employees are treated fairly, they

 How RegTech Can Help the Finance Industry Overcome Emerging Challenges?   : Date : 2021-09-14

Regulatory Technology, more commonly known as RegTech, is defined as the use of new technologies for helping financial institutions effectively meet regulatory requirements of reporting, monitoring, compliance and risk management. RegTechs is often confused with FinTech but the latter is defined as using technology for delivering financial solutions. Unlike FinTech, RegTechs focuses more on rethinking the way finance and regulation work. RegTechs provides cost-effective solutions to financial firms for meeting regulatory requirements through automation and digitization.

Why is RegTech Important?

Post the global financial crisis of 2008, the regulatory requirements have become more complex and stringent. Also, hefty penalties and fines are imposed for failing to maintain compliance. This has also led to an increase in the annua

 Why You Need Proper Worker Classification in Your Business   : Date : 2021-09-14

There are a number of reasons which make worker classification an important concern for businesses. To properly take care of the subjects like employment laws, taxes and employment benefits, it’s important that those working for you are categorized in the proper manner. New trends are emerging in the economy along with the growing demand for freelance contractors. These days, several businesses prefer hiring independent contractors for performing jobs that were previously performed by full-time employees. A recent survey suggests that in the United States, one in three workers is considered an independent worker. Being a business owner, it’s important for you to determine whether a worker is a full-time employee or an independent contractor with the help of the classification criteria provided by the state and federal regulatory bodies. Understan

 Rebooting a De-Motivated Team – Techniques and Strategies   : Date : 2021-09-14

There could be a lot of reasons that de-motivate a perfectly enthusiastic team. Rumours of a shutdown, mass layoffs, lack of appreciation and losing a key team member are just some of the many reasons that can lower the morale and performance of your team. Regardless of the industry, the de-motivated team can be found in any workplace. And, it’s critical to address the issue because such employees not only become less productive but also affect the morale and productivity of other team members. And remember, de-motivated employees always underperform and are ready to leave the organization at the very first opportunity. However, the good news is that you don’t have to find replacements for your de-motivated employees or team, at least not till you try some remedies. There are techniques and strategies to reboot your team and motivate it to become

 Opioid Crisis in the Healthcare Industry – Strategies to Make a Positive Impact   : Date : 2021-09-14

The healthcare industry of the United States is facing a major issue – the opioid crisis. Opioid abuse is now a growing public health concern that is resulting in many opioid-related deaths. Over the past decade, hospitals have also noted a prominent rise in opioid-related visits. The epidemic is evident across multiple delivery points and the industry is still struggling to find an effective solution. The current scenario calls for quick implementation of the right strategies in association with improved health plans. Studies suggest that Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and the latest health plans are increasingly attempting to leverage data-driven and evidence-based approaches to change the behavioural patterns of patients. The healthcare industry is also counting on advancing technologies for support to control the opioid epidemic. Curbing the opio

 Petty Cash Management – Tips and Tricks   : Date : 2021-09-14

A number of business owners make the terrible mistake of thinking that petty cash is insignificant and doesn’t need much management. Petty cash is the small amount of cash that is spent on small company expenses like daily coffee runs, staff birthday celebrations, postage costs etc. However, just because petty cash doesn’t constitute a huge amount of money, doesn’t mean that it’s not important to track and manage it. All the little company expenses add up to make a pretty good amount. And, when properly managed, petty cash helps you keep an accurate record of all the finances of your company.

Take a look at some tips and tricks for efficient petty cash management:

  1. Separate Petty Cash Fund

Keep the petty cash fund separate from other expenses. This fund helps you meet the small

 6 Important Benefits of Outsourcing in Business   : Date : 2021-09-14

As the businesses are growing more and more quality and cost-conscious, they are inclining more towards a strategic procedure called outsourcing. Outsourcing is basically the practice of contracting with another business for handling certain business tasks instead of hiring an employee in the workplace. Outsourcing, when done correctly, helps businesses save money, maintain their competitive edge and grow. The practice is very common in small businesses which routinely outsource their payroll procedures. However, many organizations do not actually understand all the benefits of outsourcing. It does save money but that’s not the only great part of it. Let’s have a look at the benefits of outsourcing in business:

  1. Cost Cutting

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing is cost-cutting. Organizations can s

 What Makes a Successful Employee Wellness Program?   : Date : 2021-09-14

An employee wellness program is a growing trend these days. Organizations are realizing the fact that healthy employees are more efficient and productive and, thus, designing an effective employee wellness program is essential. However, even if the organizations are aiming the right thing, not many have the right knowledge and experience to implement a successful program. Often the employee wellness programs look good on paper – organized, streamlined and calculated – but not all succeed practically. Switching to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy and employees often do not consider such ideas of change. For an employer, it’s a challenging task to truly influence the lifestyle and behaviour of employees in a way that changes them for good.

Here are certain tips for designing and implementing a successful employee wellness progra

 Major Challenges of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry   : Date : 2021-09-14

Undoubtedly, big data analytics has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry but it also comes with its own unique challenges. The industry is still coping with collecting large amounts of data, converting them into electronic health records (EHR) and deducing meaningful insights from them. Integrating these data-driven insights into operational procedures can help healthcare organizations reap a great many benefits. Advantages of big data analytics include higher patient and staff satisfaction rates, lower costs, healthier patients and many more. However, achieving this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Big data analytics is a complex process that requires the collection, sorting, analyzing and presentation of data and all of this must be in compliance with the regulations. Let’s have a look at the top challenges which healthcare organiz

 Top Challenges in the Cryptocurrency Market   : Date : 2021-09-14

The world of technology is evolving at a fast pace and over the last decade, many new technologies have emerged and strengthened their position in the cryptocurrency market. However, along with new and innovative technologies, the industries are also encountering new challenges before they can reap the benefits which these technologies promise. One of the best examples of this is a cryptocurrency that promises to bring innovation to diverse fields. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have, in a short span of time, gained much popularity and people are trying to explore the technologies more. The influx of people into this market is so high that the cryptocurrency exchanges periodically disable the account creation feature. The average trading volume of the market, on daily basis, has been estimated to be trillions of dollars.

Let’s have a look at the top 

 Stress Management Techniques – How to be More Focused and Efficient at Work?   : Date : 2021-09-14

Research suggests that the number of people stressed at work is getting higher with passing time. CDC’s National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has recently reported that about 29 to 40 percent of Americans are “extremely stressed at work”. However, be it any industry or any job profile stress management has become a common issue. And, it has a significant impact on health and may lead to a range of disorders, some of which could be serious. Also, it can interfere with your work efficiency and productivity. There are a number of reasons which lead to stress at work like customer pressure, co-worker relations, work environment and others. No matter what your ambitions or working conditions are, it’s important to understand the source of your stress at work and to deal with it in the right manner to live a health professional as well

 10 Essential Rules of Effective Management   : Date : 2021-09-14

Management is essentially the art of dealing with people and things in a way that brings you desired outcomes. Simple it may sound but management is a concept that includes a number of skills and responsibilities and often seems too complex to be grasped and applied. Every manager has a unique style of management and you cannot really define a particular style as the right one. Management is a lot more than driving your employees to hard work and efficiency. It’s also about keeping them motivated, providing them opportunities to grow professionally and aligning their work with the vision of the organization. As a manager, how you manage your team depends on your perspective and, of course, on the project and the employees but there are a few rules that you should keep in mind to ensure effective management.


  1. Se

 Management Essentials: How to Hold Your Employees Accountable   : Date : 2021-09-14

One of the major challenges that managers face is holding people accountable. Even after hiring great and highly skilled employees, there are times when managers feel that the employees could do more or better work. And, in a bid to avoid conflicts and unpleasant reactions, they often tend to avoid the task of holding employees accountable. Being a manager you need to ensure that all the employees are putting in their best efforts and are doing the tasks they have been assigned, with high efficiency. However, in addition to assigning tasks and guiding them on how to achieve the goals, it’s also important to set expectations for the employees and hold them accountable for results. This, sometimes, is a difficult thing to do, especially when you are dealing with difficult people, but you also need to keep in mind that it is crucial to get things done.

 How to Spot an Exceptional Employee - 10 Qualities to Look For   : Date : 2021-09-14

Earlier it was easy to spot an exceptional employee. The characteristics were quite easy to identify — hard-working, punctual and abiding by the rules. However, now the scenario is entirely different, with changing work culture and heightened competition. These days employees are expected to be flexible with their approaches, multitask, and satisfy a diverse group of people. Loyal and dutiful no more remain the criteria for being an exceptional employee. Such employees might be liked by a handful of managers, but in this highly competitive world, an employee needs to have much more to become truly exceptional. An international study that surveyed around 500 business leaders to know what makes an employee exceptional revealed surprising conclusions. 78% of leaders said that personality is the main factor that makes an employee exceptional, 53% opined that cultural fit is importan

 7 Major HR Trends for 2022   : Date : 2021-09-14

Businesses are increasingly churning out innovative HR solutions for better managing resources. Over the last few years, there has been tremendous advancement in the HR industry, where new technologies like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence have brought in much-desired developments. HR professionals are now empowered to perform HR activities in a reduced time span and are focusing more on hiring, engaging and retaining the right candidates for the organization by aligning organizational strategies with organizational and individual goals. The global human resource management is exhibiting remarkable growth and is expected to reach $30 billion in terms of market size value by the year 2025. It is the era where people want to work for organizations that not only provide a fair salary but also other benefits and perks that improve their overall w

 Major Digital Trends Revolutionizing Clinical Trials   : Date : 2021-09-14

There is hardly any aspect of the world today that is untouched by technology. And, in the wake of technology strengthening its presence in every industry, digital health has emerged as a buzzword in healthcare. Digital health can be defined as the combination of digital technologies and healthcare which aims at enhancing healthcare quality and delivery. The Healthcare industry is experimenting with new technologies to refine the procedures and get desired results in a short span of time. Recently, clinical trials have experienced a much-desired transformation owing to digital technologies. Not only there have been innovations, but also the elimination of many traditional barriers and constraints. With new digital platforms making their way into healthcare, the efficiency and productivity of clinical trials encountered a great surge, resulting in increased patient engagement, new outc

 Employee Experience is Fine. What About Candidate Experience in Your Or-ganization?   : Date : 2021-09-14

Candidate experience is the new buzzword these days that has captured the attention of human resources professionals. Lately, organizations have realized that candidate experience is as important as employee experience, and helps a great deal in employer branding. In this technology-driven world, both current and prospective employees are well connected and social media plays a crucial role in forming the perspectives of people. When candidates have bad experiences during the hiring process, they tell others about it. And, even worse, some of them write about their experiences on websites like Glassdoor, changing the perspectives of a whole lot of prospective candidates. Once people form a bad opinion about your organization, it’s hard to reverse it. A study revealed that 70% of graduates lose interest in an organization if they read about a candidate&

 The Changing Role of HR – From People Management to Strategic Business Partner   : Date : 2021-09-14

Over the last decade, the role of Human Resources has changed tremendously. Gone are the days when it was all about people management – hiring employees, negotiating pay, managing payroll and settling disputes. Lately, HR has emerged as a strategic business partner that assists in crucial business decisions and helps organizations succeed in the highly competitive market. It has also embraced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to churn out business solutions that benefit the company and its employees in multiple ways. Let’s have a look at the aspects that are being actively handled by HR professionals today, besides the usual ones.

Aligning Team Objectives with Business Needs

The business landscape is rapidly changing and this has urged the HR department to evolve and adapt to the changing busin

 Managing Employees with Disabilities: How to Enrich Your Talent Pool and Avoid Lawsuits   : Date : 2021-09-14

A diverse workforce is always a competitive advantage for organizations. McKinsey & Company, an international management consulting firm, released a report in January 2018 “Delivering Through Diversity” based on a study that included over 1,000 companies in 12 countries. The report inferred that companies having diverse workforces usually have above-average profitability. Today, more and more companies are attempting to diversify their workforce by hiring people based on their talent and ignoring other factors like ethnicity, gender, and race. But, there are still many employers that are not prepared to have employees with disabilities. Also, there are myriad regulations regarding employees with disabilities which make the situation complicated. What many organizations do not understand is that having employees with disabilities offer the sam

 Managing Culture Change in Your Organization - 8 Essential Tips for Leaders   : Date : 2021-09-14

One of the biggest challenges that organizational leaders face is managing the culture change. The culture of an organization is the sum of the roles, processes, communication practices, values, attitudes and goals, closely interlocked, which every employee gets aligned with. However, every organization undergoes changes, time and again, owing to various reasons like changing market trends, regulations, customer expectations, mergers and acquisitions, which leads to alterations in the organization structure and processes. But in order to make those changes effective, it’s crucial to manage them strategically. According to a survey, conducted by Deloitte, 82 per cent of more than 7,000 CEOs and HR leaders from 130 countries are of the opinion that organizational culture is a potential competitive advantage. 28 per cent of the respondents stated that the

 Developing and Implementing an Effective Workplace Safety Policy   : Date : 2021-09-14

As an employer, it’s your legal obligation to create a healthy and safe workplace for your employees. Businesses are required to develop and implement a comprehensive workplace safety policy that takes care of the employees as well as the financial assets. And, if the organization involves workers that face risks by operating heavy machinery or handling hazardous chemicals, the employer must have even more elaborate and stringent safety policies and practices, that should be well implemented and promoted. However, some may think that it is an extra liability and cost to the business owners but the truth is that a safe and healthy workplace has a direct impact on productivity and employee loyalty. It is important for every business owner to understand that a safe workplace promotes a positive work culture. Developing an effective occupational health and

 Developing and Implementing an Effective Workplace Safety Policy   : Date : 2021-09-14

As an employer, it’s your legal obligation to create a healthy and safe workplace for your employees. Businesses are required to develop and implement a comprehensive workplace safety policy that takes care of the employees as well as the financial assets. And, if the organization involves workers that face risks by operating heavy machinery or handling hazardous chemicals, the employer must have even more elaborate and stringent safety policies and practices, that should be well implemented and promoted. However, some may think that it is an extra liability and cost to the business owners but the truth is that a safe and healthy workplace has a direct impact on productivity and employee loyalty. It is important for every business owner to understand that a safe workplace promotes a positive work culture. Developing an effective occupational health and

 Techniques to Prevent Payroll Fraud in Your Organization   : Date : 2021-09-14

The most common yet expensive fraud that organizations face is payroll fraud. Statistics suggest that it can remain undetected for years, costing a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Payroll fraud is defined as any scheme in which employees make false claims for compensation to receive a payment from the employer. Organizations also face payroll fraud where the payroll managers or bookkeepers in the accounting department manipulate the financial statements. Payroll fraud has several forms. The most common one involves workers that are paid on an hourly basis, fraudulently boosting the amount they are entitled to, by altering the number of hours they have worked for. Commission workers in manufacturing get paid on the basis of the number of units they produce. Such workers sometimes manipulate records for the number of sales or units produced. Another common form includes false

 Protecting Health Data - Tips to Strengthen Security and Defense   : Date : 2021-09-14

Maintaining healthcare data privacy is a job of paramount importance for healthcare organizations today. Healthcare data is one of the most sensitive personal information available and also it is one of the most frequently breached data types, especially those that are stored in electronic form. The challenges of protecting healthcare data are continually increasing, and many organizations are finding it difficult to keep up with HIPAA and other regulations. Healthcare data breaches have different forms like cases where hackers steal Protected Health Information (PHI) for committing medical identity theft or instances where healthcare providers view health records without authorization. Data breaches cost organizations dearly, by tarnishing their reputation and imposing hefty fines related to HIPAA. Healthcare organizations need to implement comprehensive data se

 Why Do Teams Fail? Addressing Issues that Hamper Team Success   : Date : 2021-09-14

You have hired some of the most talented people for your organization, are following the best management guidelines and have adopted the philosophies of industry experts but your teams are still not reaching the target. Frustrating, isn’t it? Sometimes, even when your team members are putting in their best efforts and your organization has the best intentions, the teams fail. If you find that your team members are often blaming each other for the project issues, frequently missing out on deadlines, and you are spending most of your time resolving team issues, then you need to look beyond the technical gaps in your team and think analytically about what’s hindering the team from reaching its full potential.

As an employer or manager, you need to understand why exactly your team is failing. Failure of a team deeply impacts employee morale

 6 Notable Benefits of Open Plan Offices   : Date : 2021-09-14

Gone are the days when the majority of office spaces had rows of cubicles, with each cubicle securing a personal space for employees. Today, open-plan offices are more common where employees have shared spaces. Over years, there have been extensive debates around personal and shared spaces in offices. Advocates of open-plan offices suggest that such designs create a positive and collaborative work environment and promote creativity and innovation. However, others suggest that open-plan offices increase distractions, reduce productivity and increase sick leaves taken by employees. Workspace designs have a strong impact on employee productivity as well as wellbeing and organizations are actually making efforts to maximize these. Although there are some downsides of working in an open-plan office, the benefits are so prominent that more and more organizations a

 8 Funding Options for Your Business   : Date : 2021-09-14

You got a billion-dollar business idea and to turn it into a reality you need a team, a website, an office space, some equipment and enough cash to pay for them. But no matter how promising your idea is, arranging funds for your business always remains the hardest part. For most entrepreneurs, investing personal savings is never enough and their business requires some more funding to survive the difficult early days. A recent study revealed that more than 94% of startups fail during the first years of operation and lack of funding remains the most common reason. To take your business from ideation to revenue generation funds act as the most important fuel and at every stage, the entrepreneur needs to think about how they are going to arrange finance. However, you don’t have to worry though, because even if getting funds is a tough job, there are a numb

 Major Talent Acquisition Challenges in 2022   : Date : 2021-09-14

The competition in the market is cut-throat and winning the top talent for your organization is increasingly becoming difficult. Also, the market demands and needs are continuously changing and talented candidates have become the greatest assets a company can have. The era where the recruiters used to post job descriptions hoping that good candidate would gravitate towards them to fill the positions automatically is long gone. Today, candidates have multiple offers in hand from which they can conveniently select the organization that they want to work for. This has brought a significant change in the talent acquisition space where recruiters, now, need to actively pursue candidates to hire the best talents for organizations. Also, the trends and methods of talent acquisition are changing and companies are incorporating some really advanced technologies to pe

 10 Must-Have Policies for Every Business   : Date : 2021-09-14

Before you start working with your skilled and promising bunch of employees, you need to lay down the company policies in writing. This is important not only because you want to keep your employees aligned with your organizational values, but also because such written policies can shield your rights in case a hostile employee turns on you with false allegations. Company policies communicate how your employees are expected to behave and the consequences in case they do not adhere to the policies. But unfortunately, company policies are, many-a-time, the last thing on the minds of business owners and amid the heaps of tasks required for providing momentum to the business and keeping it up and running, the criticality of company policies is often forgotten. Every business is vulnerable to many risks and as you begin to expand your horizons, working with more clients and employees, the nu

 7 Common Professional Networking Blunders to Avoid   : Date : 2021-09-14

Professional networking should be one of your top priorities if you are aspiring to make it big. Building powerful and authentic professional relationships can significantly boost your career and for that, it’s important to know the right skills and strategies so that you can make your efforts count. And, it’s even more important to know that a single blunder on your part can make all your efforts futile, or worse, have a negative impact on your career. It takes a lot to build a great professional network, including handling some minor to majorly offensive, annoying or odd statements and requests. You would be surprised to know that a number of smart and talented professionals also have such blunders to their credit. And, you might be unaware but you too are probably making some blunders in professional networking that are diluting all your effor

 6 Effective Strategies for Attracting Passive Talents to Your Company   : Date : 2021-09-14

You are missing out on good talents possibly because the people who would be suitable for your organization aren’t even applying for the job. Known as passive candidates, such people are already employed and aren’t actively looking for a new job opportunity. Some of the passive candidates might have rich experience and desirable skills, hence successfully and satisfactorily employed. However, the fact that they are not on a job hunt and thus aren’t being interviewed by other recruiters makes them ideal candidates for your organization that you can hire without the probability of losing them to your competitors. Statistics suggest that passive talents are 33% more likely to be looking for challenging work and 120% more likely to impact your business positively. However, hiring such candidates for your organization is always a challenging job because it’s tough t

 4 Important Steps to Ensure the Viability of Your Brilliant Business Idea   : Date : 2021-09-14

You got a great business idea and are preparing to become an entrepreneur with hopes of creating a success story. But, are you sure your idea has the potential to make it big? Before diving into entrepreneurship and making investments for your new business you should check if your idea is viable or not. Many businesses fail not just because of the lack of capital but also because of the lack of knowledge. Many entrepreneurs start a business based on what they think people would buy without researching what people actually want to buy. Validating a business idea requires careful analysis and experiments to check its true potential. Even if you have an idea of a product or service that would be completely unique in the market, you need to first carefully develop and shape your idea, considering critical hypotheses and assumptions. No matter how brilliant your

 5 Major Challenges for Human Resources in 2022   : Date : 2021-09-14

In the face of evolving global economy, rising competition and changing business trends, the human resources departments are particularly experiencing new and challenging situations every now and then. Developing and retaining a talent pool for companies is becoming tougher. Leadership positions are facing a serious lack of appropriate skills and, with the experienced workforce growing older and approaching retirement, hiring suitable candidates is becoming even more challenging. Besides, more and more companies are becoming multinational organizations, recruiting talent from diverse countries and cultures. The physical and emotional health of employees is also emerging as an important aspect that needs attention. Gone are the days when the employees used to stay in a company for long. Today, the employees are switching companies fast, seeking better opportunities, better work-life ba

 Identifying New Business Opportunities – 4 Simple Yet Effective Ways   : Date : 2021-09-14

As you start the new year with a new zeal to take your business to the next level of success, there is one very important thing that you need to focus on apart from scaling up or optimizing the processes – looking for and identifying new business opportunities. For business growth and survival, it’s crucial that you continually strive to reach new markets and win new clients or customers. Many entrepreneurs live under the delusion that if they create a product or service, customers will automatically buy it. However, in today’s fiercely competitive market, you need to put in a lot of effort to make people interested in your products or services. If you want to expand your business, you need to keep looking for new opportunities that support its growth.

Here are the 4 effective ways of identifying new business opportunities.

 5 Steps to Building a Leadership Culture in the Organization   : Date : 2021-09-14

Developing a leadership culture in the organization takes time. It cannot be implemented overnight and requires efforts and resources to create effective leaders at every level of the organization. Companies that make leadership development a top organizational priority enjoy the advantage of attracting leadership talents, retaining them and staying ahead of the competition. When a leadership culture exists at every level of the company, the employees feel valued, are more committed and accountable, and deliver results that match or exceed expectations. Selecting leaders among your talent pool also ensures that your staff grows professionally and the institutional knowledge that they have gained is retained. However, there are some costs as well that add up as a result of replacements when the employees move up the hierarchy but the long term benefits outwei

 8 Steps to Encourage Innovation in the Workplace   : Date : 2021-09-14

There are innumerable benefits of encouraging innovation in business. It enhances efficiency in operations, helps to attract new customers and to identify new business opportunities, improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, and the list goes on. With new technologies and inventions emerging every now and then all around us, every organization needs to nurture innovative thinking to maintain its competitive edge, grow, and prosper. In fact, many organizations these days hire chief innovation officers and/or embrace new technologies for implementing the innovation process. However, cultivating or encouraging innovative thinking in the workplace isn’t an overnight or easy process. A survey conducted by Robert Half had revealed that 35 per cent of chief financial officers are of the opinion that the greatest roadblock to organizational breakthroughs is

 Building a Work Culture that Supports Mental Health   : Date : 2021-09-14

In the U.S. one in every five adults deals with mental health issues. Being surrounded by a lot of social stigmas, mental health is often a subject that is vastly ignored or suppressed. While many organizations have started focussing on the well-being of their employees, what they offer mostly are packages that benefit physical wellbeing. According to the reports of Kaiser Family Foundation 82% of companies, having more than 200 employees, offer health-based programs like weight management and smoking cessation, without much emphasis on mental wellness in the workplace. The stigma around mental health is widespread and according to the Mental Health Foundation, 90% of people having mental health issues have revealed that this stigma affects them negatively.


Many employers are still hesitant about starting the mental health conversa

 How to Keep Your Team on Target – 6 Easy Techniques   : Date : 2021-09-14

Keeping the teams on target is one of the most essential skills to succeed in business. However, it is also something a lot of companies struggle with. There are many reasons why teams fail to reach their goal such as the employees get distracted, lose focus, have too many responsibilities, become unproductive and more. And, when the team is not on target, it leads to missed deadlines, customer dissatisfaction and a disengaged workforce. The stress and deterioration in the work atmosphere that comes along only contribute to business failure. Keeping a team focussed and on target is crucial and needs to be taken care of. Employers often feel that all their employees are doing is showing up in the office just for the paychecks. However, the good news is that managers and leaders can turn them around to align them with the company’s vision and mission. When th

 Build a Successful Internship Program in 7 Easy Steps   : Date : 2021-09-14

Many organizations these days offer internship programs to provide students with some great learning experiences. Sure they are quite helpful for the students who can develop their skills and prepare themselves for the future but unfortunately, many organizations fail to see the value a successful internship program can create for the company. Many of them recruit interns as reduced-cost labour for taking care of the time-consuming and mundane tasks, without helping them develop their skills and knowledge. A successful internship program requires a good deal of effort from both the interns and the company. With the right techniques, the companies not only can help the interns develop their skillset but can also get valuable project support and build talent pipelines for the future. Internship programs also help employees of the organization develop their mentorin

 8 Must-Have Project Management Skills for 2022   : Date : 2021-09-14

Keeping the projects on time and budget is essential not only for their efficient completion but also for earning credibility and more business for the organization. With competition becoming more intense in the business world, companies today need highly skilled project managers to meet their goals and exceed expectations. Statistics suggest that only 57% of projects are completed within budget (without any additional funding) and only 51% successfully maintain the original schedule. Project management is also one of the hottest skills in the business world today and although the number of jobs is growing exponentially, a huge number of candidates lack the crucial skills which are creating a talent gap. Regardless of the type of project, there are certain core skills needed for project management to ensure successful completion and delivery. And, when the budget is limited and the ti

 Best Practices for Employee Background Check – Optimize Your Procedures   : Date : 2021-09-14

Background screening is essential in any hiring procedure as it helps the organization protect their interest, culture and reputation, and recruit the right candidate for the job. However, it’s important to implement fair and legally compliant policies for background checks. Employment screening processes vary for different organizations and the task often becomes challenging for small businesses where there are fewer resources to take care of all the aspects of hiring. Regulations are continuously evolving and to ensure that your organization is in compliance with the law, it’s vital for the HR managers to keep the employment screening best practices on top of their mind.


If you are developing a new employment screening program for your company or updating the existing one, here are a few best practices to consider for